Space still available!  Contact Marty for details.  


Hey Athletes,

Wanted to give ya’all a general plan and layout of the 2/18-2/24 AZ cycling camp.

7 bdrm home in Tucson that can sleep as many as 20.. We are not aiming at 20 but at least we know there is plenty of room. 3150 sq/ft, 3 bathrooms, heated pool, jacuzzi tub, WiFi, pool table… on and on…

Oro Valley Bicycles will be our go to shop (3 locations in Tucson) with our main contact being the flagship Ina Store.

Shuttle, sag (hopefully not needed) and rentals (if needed, we encourage transporting or having us transport your own bike) by Home Grown based in Tucson. We would cover the sag, you would have to cover a bike rental.

The mountain biking is fantastic and some have opted to also bring a mountain bike. The above mentioned Home Grown also has MTB rentals.

I have scouted several of the routes we are planning on riding and will go back out there in late Jan/Feb to get my final take on these rides… heck, somebody has to do it 😉

Kerstin (my better half) will be preparing a continental style breakfast each morning. It’s always fun at these things have at least one group dinner so we will all pitch in on a dish for that meal. The rest of the time we play it by ear based on what you are comfortable doing. We will have one night where we all go out to a local place. Kerstin is from Tucson and knows all the cool spots to eat.

We’ll have a basic selection of tools and accessories/parts with us as well as a bicycle work stand. I am pretty well versed on most repairs that are typical for an event like this.

I have a USAC level II road coaching certification as well as a USAC road skills certification so I’ll always be able to offer coaching and riding tips.


Our choice of routes: Kitt Peak, Mt Lemmon, Saguaro National Park, Madera Canyon, Marsh Station, Gates Pass-McCain Loop. That is 6 routes in 5 days you say? Gates Pass can be added to the Saguaro National Park ride.

These will be solidified once I make my final pre-camp trip but they are the coolest road rides out there. This is not a pressure camp (save those for the racers) so you may choose to take one of the days and site see, MTB ride or just chill.

Please fell free to call me, I genuinely enjoy talking to everyone.


303 842-5897