Each year over 6,000 participate in the Triple Bypass in way or another. If you’ve ever done the ride, you know it’s filled with friendly, inspiring people. We recently ran an Instagram contest where former participants could submit a photo of a TB from the past and tell us why they wanted to ride it again. The winner would get a free registration on us.

Enter stage left: Brian. Though we had many great entries, Brian’s inspirational story won our hearts. We had a chance to get the full story behind his winning picture and couldn’t resist sharing it. We hope Brian’s story moves you as much as it did us…maybe literally. On your bike.

He went from 320 pounds to a trim ride weight, even sprinting to the finish! Cheers to Brian for making the Triple a goal and changing his life. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself, Brian.  I am originally from Belleville, Illinois.  I moved here in 1999 to work for Frontier airlines as a mechanic.  I was an avid cyclist at the time.  Life happened, and I fell away from cycling periodically and would come back to it from time to time.  I ballooned up to 320 during wife’s last two pregnancies.  I was an awesome sympathy eater.

I now live in Denver.  I have a beautiful wife  with 4 beautiful kids.  I currently work for a defense contractor in town here.  I enjoy cycling (all disciplines)fly fishing, rafting and camping.   I cycle to work often year round (been tough for the last month with all snow).

How did you train for your first Triple?  Started with  diet in January 2017.   A family member paid for Weight Watchers for me. Another family member was going to do the Triple (smoked out that year with the fires).  I got excited about 2018 though, and set my sights on the biggest day event in Colorado THE TRIPLE BYPASS.  It’s funny because when I told people I was going to do it, because of my weight, they would tell me that they will pray for my operation to go well.  I got down to about 280 and figured the Mavic Open Pros could probably handle the weight (they did). After that, it was just putting in miles and watching what I ate (if you pay attention, weight watchers shows you what foods are bad for you).  Did “high grade” ride several times from my home (I seldom drive to ride unless MTB). Rode up Squaw Pass a couple times, once over to Idaho Springs and back.  

Any other big goals for 2019 other than the Triple Bypass?  I’m signed up for the SBT GRVL in Steamboat in August.

Any advice for those that might need a confidence boost in signing up for the Triple Bypass?  You definitely need to spend time on a bike outside.  Indoor training is good, but you gotta hit the hills.  Pizza and beer only after big rides.  You don’t want to carry any extra weight up three mountain passes. I want to be down to 220 for this years Triple.  

I weighed 320 1.5 years before the 2018 Triple.  You can do it, you really need to set a goal though, the Triple is a perfect one.