Top recommendations to get your bike ready for a fantastic and safe riding season:

Many thanks to Trent at Velofix for this helpful information.  Don’t forget to check in with them at a team ride or on course at the Triple Bypass.


It all starts with getting a tune up!  This is the most important thing because
we will come out and get everything working its best – maximizing both
performance and safety.  Bolts loosen, derailleurs and brakes come out of
adjustment, cables and chains stretch, and grit builds up to impact overall

Additionally, when parts wear out, they not only impact performance and safety, but they can also put stress on other parts and cause those to wear more quickly as well.  The most common parts to routinely wear are:

1)     Chain.  Typically, a chain should be replaced every 1,500-3,000 miles.  However, this can vary greatly depending on riding style and conditions, so it really needs to be measured on a regular basis.  If a chain stretches and is not replaced, then it causes extra wear to the cassette and chain rings as well, leading to the need to replace these parts, too.

2)     Cables.  Cables stretch, which can cause brakes and derailleurs to come out of adjustment.  Over time, debris can also find its way into the cable housing, causing increased friction and vastly decreased performance.  Often, replacing cables and housing can make a bike feel like new again.  

3)     Brakes.  For the ever-growing number of bikes that are stocked with hydraulic disc brakes, brake cable wear is not a concern.  However, deterioration of hydraulic fluid, and air making its way into the system, is.  Hydraulic brakes should be bled at least annually, and sometimes even more frequently than that.  Brake pad wear is of course another concern.  It is important to replace pads before stopping ability is compromised and other parts such as brake rotors are damaged. 

As part of every single tune up, whether a basic tune up, a major tune up, or a complete overhaul, we will check all of these items, explain what we are
seeing, and make recommendations accordingly. Book your maintenance now.