Team Evergreen gear

you look amazing. AND WARM

Get your winter gear here!

Bundle up, buttercup, but keep the wheels rolling.

All TE winter gear will be at your door by the middle of December, ready for winter riding.  This will be the same style we run through Spring of 2021, so you’ll never be out of step.

 All other gear is standard sizing, but take note on the jersey – the Omni is in between a super tight race fit and more baggy jersey.  European fitting, if you will, but if you don’t like it clingy, ORDER A SIZE UP! 

Just another perk of being a Team Evergreen member.  Need to join or renew?  You sure can. Only $40 clams and a whole ocean of value.

Team Store closes OCTOBER 20, 2020

Might as well go shopping while you’re at it.  Use code HAPPY202020 and get 20% off at (not applicable on the Team Store, inline only).

If you have questions about fit, contact Jennie at Primal