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John Sladek


John Sladek

In Real Life: Professor Emeritus of Neurology, Pediatrics and Neuroscience. University of Colorado School of Medicine

Favorite Bike: Do I really have to pick? I Love my Colnago Team Eurpocar,, but my Colnago KOM, which is older, actually climbs a little easier. But then the Team Jelly Belly bikes are amazing and the Argon 18 that Serghei Tvetcov won the Cascade Classic on and placed 3rd in the GC in the 2014 Pro Challenge is pretty amazing too. Then there’s my old Raleigh International that I bought new in 1970 and………….

Favorite Ride: I like Squaw Pass a lot, and Mt Evans, and really like the Copper Triangle.

Why are you involved with Team Evergreen: Great organization with a great mission.