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Why Bike Trail Development Makes Better Communities

Around the country bicycling has the power to bring people together, while making communities more collaborative and close-knit. This is especially true in Evergreen Colorado, where Team Evergreen is celebrating its 30th year of promoting cycling through community-driven initiatives.

This is very true when it comes to biking trails, which allow cyclists and others to enjoy the stunning scenery around Evergreen. Bike trail development has been shown to improve community spirit and make Evergreen homes better places to live. A network of bike trails in Evergreen has highlighted the positive effect cycling has on bringing people together. Multi-use trails have benefits for the whole community, connecting people, bringing them together, and putting them in touch with the natural wonders surrounding the town.

From paved trails through the subdivision, to rugged off-road greenways that connect urban with the outdoors, Evergreen homes are enhanced by trails. So much so, trails are a selling point for Homes for Sale in Evergreen CO, as they can show the community spirit of the town.

Bike trails can make communities better in the following ways:

Promotion of Healthy Living

Trails are green links to Mother Nature, and in Evergreen she is at her most glorious thanks to the fantastic Colorado country. Trails provide people of all ages with a safe, accessible, easy to maintain, and attractive place to hike, cycle, walk, and run. They are also free! Exercise is an important part of staying fit and healthy and trails are a low-cost way of working up a sweat while also enjoying the outdoors.

Transport Links

While bike trails are fantastic recreational tools, they also serve as working transportation corridors. Many towns are embracing trails as a safe way to connect people with transport hubs, encouraging cycling and walking in safety. Well-constructed town planning allows paved cycling trails to be a vibrant part of a multi-modal transportation system.


Trails and greenways are among the most efficient ways to maintain green space and provide linear connections between urban and natural locations. Wildlife and plants can often thrive along a trail and important landscapes can be preserved by ecological links. The benefit of trails for maintaining natural environments is well known, giving users a linear path through nature. This means people on a trail are unlikely to go off the beaten path and cause harm to the natural landscape.

Boosting Economy

Trails are hugely important in new community development because companies understand that people are drawn to them. Acting as gathering points, trails promote togetherness and are often associated with economic revitalization. Businesses can thrive at trail start and end points and can benefit from community growth that trails often enhance.

Sense of Community

It is surprising how many community leaders and developers have told us trails are a major source of pride within towns. People in communities value their trails and see them as major positives when discussing where they live. The cultural impact of trails cannot be underestimated because greenways often purposely pass historic locations and important landscapes, connecting locals and visitors with culturally important sites.

Some of the important benefits of an accessible and extensive trail network are the ability to serve as a community meeting point and to push economic growth. The last point may seem like hyperbole, but a 2015 report from the Outdoor Industry Association found outdoor activity generated $9.7 billion in wages, $28 billion in consumer spending, and generated 229,000 jobs in Colorado. In other words, a connection with the outdoors benefits all of us, and bike trails are among the best ways to connect communities with nature.

It is perhaps an unknown secret that cycling clubs like Team Evergreen can make communities better places to live. Advocating for bike lanes, sponsoring local events, and trail development are details the non-profit has been heavily involved in for two decades. Indeed, during that time, Team Evergreen has donated $2.2 million to local advocacy groups and organizations. Through the promotion of teamwork and creation of trails, the team has made cycling something everyone can benefit from and enjoy.  If you are interested in finding a home for sale close to trails, contact Gold Compass Real Estate at 303-325-5690.