Even before Team Evergreen was organized, Mike Dern was on the lookout. What was the best century route from Evergreen, with challenge and beauty to boot? Early rides north, northwest to Winter Park and Steamboat just did not quite meet his expectations. Why not head west, Team Evergreen? The rest is history as thousands have risen to the challenge of the Triple Bypass, made friends along the way, appreciated the great Colorado outdoors and achieved new levels of fitness and confidence.

Mike hails from a family of athletically inspired people. His father was an accomplished runner and was supportive of Mike’s interest in cycling, giving words of support and advice at the early Triple Bypass rides. Mike and Rhonda rode together when they could, while raising their two children, Nathan and Courtney. Cycling was a family affair for them, as much as possible and remains so today. Mike commutes on a Trek Madone to his office in Denver as often as possible. In 2012 he logged 10,600 miles. Rhonda has a new bike from Evergreen’s Bicycle Outfitters that has reignited her cycling adventures. Nathan takes after his Dad and rides his bike to work as well. Courtney not only enjoys cycling where she lives in Marin County, but also takes to the road for tours. The day after she finished teaching, she flew to Seattle with her Surly Long Haul Trucker to circumnavigate the Olympic Peninsula with her two best friends from college.