We are excited to work with with Optimize Endurance, Vitruvian Fitness and Denver Sports Recovery as training partners for on the road, indoor training and recovery services for the 2014 Triple Bypass.


Optimize Endurance Services

For 2014 we’ve designed our Triple Bypass general training plans to prepare any rider, from relatively new cyclist to experienced rider, to finish the Triple Bypass riding strong. We have both beginner and expert plans for sale for the Westbound (Saturday), Eastbound (Sunday) and Double Triple routes. Available in 23 or 15-week lengths, we’re sure to have a plan to fit your needs and schedule. We also offer one-on-one coaching and lactate threshold testing for those looking to really take their riding to the next level. For more information contact

Check back often as we near the event for the dates of our coach-led Triple Bypass training rides.


Vitruvian Fitness

Who we are / What we do

Vitruvian Fitness™ is a multi-sport, performance enhancement studio specializing in functional strength training and indoor cycling. We train athletes from all sports, with cyclists being one of our specialties. We take a comprehensive, total body approach to improve cycling performance. We start by building your core strength and endurance, which creates the foundation to increase your power and climbing ability.

Why what we do is good for you

We understand that cycling is your passion. Any time you spend off the bike should be time spent making you better on the bike. Our exercise programming is designed to do exactly that. This isn’t a generic work out of the day – it’s a systematic approach to make you better at cycling.


Our training programs are flexible and designed to meet your schedule and budget; prices range from $99 to $319 per month. You can go month-to-month or save 20% when you commit to a 6-month program. Go to for all the details or email

Testimonial: Before I considered how strength training for cycling might help me (and before I owned Vitruvian Fitness), I only rode the TBP for fun as my “stretch goal” for the season. Start to finish (including stopping at every aid station), it used to take me about 12 hours to complete. The first year that I added strength and core training to my ride preparation, I cut 2 hours off my ride and felt great afterward. The next year, my approach was even more systematic and I took another 2 hours off my time. And, I did this by riding substantially fewer miles on the bike – not more. ~ Tom Wigginton, owner, Vitruvian Fitness, TBP – 2000, ‘09, ‘10, ‘11, ‘12, DTBP – ‘13

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Denver Sports Recovery

Denver Sports Recovery is a drop-in recovery center that gives professionals and everyday athlete’s access to state-of-the-art recovery tools, specialized service providers and space to treat your body to the best recovery options in Colorado. Denver Sports Recovery gives you the opportunity to walk in and get high-quality care and recovery services that were once only available to professional athletes. Get the treatment that you need in the time frame that works for you with our walk-in hours, membership and availability by appointment with a provider. It’s time to make recovery a part of your training cycle.

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Registration opens in January