Pre and Post Ride Stretching & Recovery

Pre and Post Ride Stretching & Recovery

By Andria Hassler, Soft Tissue Therapist and Co-Owner, Denver Sports Recovery

How do you know you’re ready for a big ride? How do you feel after your ride and when are you ready to ride again? If this is the first time you’ve given any real thought to this, then we’re glad we asked! Most athletes don’t give enough thought to their recovery—they push themselves to the limit but don’t know that they can aid their training by allowing the body to properly heal and recover.

Denver Sports Recovery RollersWhen you are training, you have to cause a small amount of tissue breakdown in the muscle because you are trying to effect change in that muscle. So, it’s important to allow the body to heal and regenerate–just like recovering from an injury. We have to give the body time to adapt to the changes we are working towards, otherwise we end up breaking the tissue down and succumbing to a problematic injury cycle.

This is where Denver Sports Recovery comes in. Says co-owner Andria Hassler, “Denver is an active city with many active people. People train like professional athletes but they don’t recover like one. Denver Sports Recovery is an athletic training room set up for the general population.” Our goal is to help all kinds of athletes — from members of Team Evergreen to the Broncos — reach their peak performance by taking care of their bodies before and after pushing themselves to the limit.

One of the best ways to care for your body — both pre- and post-ride — during training time is through Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST™). FST™ is a revolutionary pain free method of assisted stretching that creates lasting change in the body. The goal is to help reduce or eliminate tight muscles and stiff joints that are caused from tissue being under stress—this can be from kick starting rides after a long winter or overtraining. FST™ focuses on lengthening and re-aligning the body to relieve pain, improve performance and achieve flexibility and strength.

Denver Sports Recovery Reclining EricAthletes who make recovery a part of their schedule can increase endurance, execute their craft to elite standards and prevent injury. Some of the fun and effective tools we offer include Swisswing , NormaTec Recovery System, Dynatronic Stim, Tri-Wave Light and Ultrasound Therapies, medical-grade hot and cold tubs, sauna, and much more. Add optional services from our Fascial Stretch specialists, chiropractors, an acupuncturist and a naturopathic doctor, and you have a complete recovery system.

Denver Sports Recovery is excited about our partnership with Team Evergreen this year. We’re committed to helping the team have its best year ever. We hope you commit to taking care of your body before and after every race and enlisting the pros at Denver Sports Recovery to help create a customized plan just for you. Members of Team Evergreen get discounted membership for only $40 per month, special treatment rate of $60 per treatment, and dry needling for only $25 per location.P

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