What Should I Wear on the Triple?

What Should I Wear on the Triple?

What Should I Wear On The Triple Bypass?

Many of you may be curious about what to wear on the Triple Bypass. I would like to share with you some tips when it comes to your apparel choices for this year’s event.

  • First and foremost it’s important to have a comfortable jersey and pair of shorts or bibs!
    • When selecting a jersey, be sure that you are purchasing one that fits comfortably and is breathable. Each rider will receive a Triple Bypass jersey produced by Primal. This jersey is a fantastic option for ride day and will show your Triple Bypass spirit!
    • Many of us will be in the saddle for 7+ hours. It’s important that you have a good pair of shorts or bibs that not only provide some level of compression to keep your muscles fresh, but also comes with a high quality chamois. Primal offers two models that would be perfect for this year’s Triple Bypass. Be sure to check out our Evo Corsa or Prisma models.
  • Be sure to layer! Historically the morning of the Triple Bypass has been cool with temperatures increasing throughout the day. I recommend selecting items that are versatile for multiple types of weather conditions. Additionally, when selecting your layering pieces be sure that they can be easily stored in a jersey pocket, saddle bag, or pack.
    • A base layer will help a rider to maintain a consistent core temperature. Base layers may be purchased in a short sleeve or sleeveless option.
    • Arm warmers help to keep a rider’s arms warm during cool morning or on long descents. Arm warmers may be rolled down to the wrists while riding if a rider’s temperature should increase during a climb. They may also be removed entirely once temperatures increase and stored in a jersey pocket easily without monopolizing storage space. Arm warmers come in both a lightweight and thermal option. For riding at higher elevations, I would recommend a thermal arm warmer.
    • Like arm warmers, a pair of knee warmers will provide the rider added comfort on cool mornings or long descents. This piece will help to keep the knee joints warm and legs performing at their peak. Knee warmers are packable and like arm warmers do not take up much room in a rider’s jersey pocket.
    • Perfect for changing conditions a wind vest allows a rider the ability to maintain a comfortable core temperature by protecting their chest from the wind. Paired with arm warmers a rider has the ultimate versatility for a long distance ride with variable temperatures and conditions like the Triple Bypass.
  • Be prepared for rain in the late afternoon!
    • I would recommend carrying a lightweight rain jacket that is packable and will either fit in a saddle bag or jersey pocket. It’s also very important that your rain jacket is breathable. Remember that you will be working hard climbing over mountain passes and having a breathable rain jacket will make a huge difference in your comfort level.

To view these items and many others perfect for the Triple Bypass or for your training this season, please visit www.primalwear.com.

See you on the Triple Bypass!

John Hutchinson, Primal – National Sales Manager

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