Team Unite to Light

Team Unite to Light

John Bowers and Dan Blumenthal, professors in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC Santa Barbara and their team are set to Ride For Lights with Team UNITE TO LIGHT at the 28th Annual Team Evergreen Double Triple Bypass event in July. They will shine a light on the non-profit called Unite to Light.

Unite to Light’s mission is to bring low cost lighting to those without electricity, and eliminate the health and environmental issues associated with existing light sources used by this population, such as kerosene.


Blumenthal and Bowers are Triple Bypass veterans riding two of the last three double triples and 4 TBP rides before that. This year is their first official team created to support Unite to Light. Bowers is no stranger to the world of extreme biking. Last year he “Conquered the Divide”; a ride totaling 2,753 miles in 28 days, starting in Banff, Canada, and finishing in Antelope Wells, New Mexico.

Several team members work in the academic world and they also hope to raise awareness of the brilliant impact a simple solar light provides for reading after dark. These benefits include significantly improved test scores and higher graduation rates (30% higher!) as evidenced in several schools in remote areas of South Africa.

GO TEAM. Unite to Light -Riding for Lights.

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