Bicycle Passport

Bicycle Passport


The Triple Bypass is for those who DARE!  Can you visualize riding over 41 Colorado Mountain Passes, above 10,000 feet, on your Bicycle? Bicycle Passport is a proud sponsor of the Triple Bypass where you will capture 3 of the 41.

Bicycle Passport is Your Guide to the Quest to Capture all 41 Mountain Passes.

FOR TRIPLE BYPASS RIDERS ONLY—We offer a top-end Custom Designed Giordana Jersey and Bib along with a Premium Passport for $199.00.  Regular Bundle Price is $299.

The Quest is not a race it is an accomplishment or call it an expedition to explore Colorado on bicycles. Your Quest is on your timing and schedule. Achieve it in 1 to 10 years. We welcome you along for the journey. GET YOUR PASSPORT STAMPED AT THE FINISH LINE FOR THE THREE (3) PASSES YOU CONQUERED!

See,, make your purchase today and wear the high visibility kit during the ride.  Begin your Quest. ALTITUDINOUS!!

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