New Partner: pedal Racing

New Partner: pedal Racing

pR_Logo_LargeAre you able to make reasonably good time in the Triple and want additional outlets for that great fitness you’ve built? Have you done the Bob Cook Fondo and wonder what it would be like to actually race it? If so, Pedal Racing allows you to explore the exciting world of racing before committing, and if you do, without the onerous racing commitments most teams impose. And best of all, given our reciprocal sponsorship with Team Evergreen, you can join us without paying an additional membership fee!

Pedal Racing is a diverse group of cyclists that welcomes and encourages those new to racing. We offer a large variety of clinics designed to teach the basic and more advanced aspects associated with road, mountain or cyclocross racing. Many of our group rides mix experienced racers with beginners and those just interested in racing (club members), in order to promote education, safety and team building. We have a very large group of first time racers and club members participating in our racing clinics and it’s not too late to join them. Visit our site to learn more, but note that some road clinic repeats are likely in order to accommodate our newest members.
Interested In Racing?
Road Clinic Schedule
MTB Clinic Schedule
CX Clinics start in the Fall

As mentioned, membership is FREE to Team Evergreen members. When registering, simply enter your Team Evergreen member number in the field provided on the Racing Team or Club Membership Application.

Chip Brunk
President – pedal RACING


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