Road Rides 2016

Thanks to all who signed up to lead 2016 road rides during Oktoberfest.   New leaders have come forward.  Maximal participation is our #1 priority.  TE should function as a club, not a service.

Below is the list of road rides, Sundays and Wednesdays.  Between March 6 and October 30 there are 74 days on which TE hosts road rides!

On left side of this list are the rides.  Clicking on a ride will  enable a hyperlink to the map and profile.

Next two columns show leader and co-leader #1.

To the right is Ride Option column with either a hyperlink to map of a shorter ride or instructions for shorter ride.  Furthest right column shows co-leader#2 assigned to the shorter ride option.

This list will remain on our website and will be updated throughout year as leaders email me with requests.  Please join those who have already volunteered, or add more rides to those yo have already chosen.  I entered my name for many vacant slots, and will gladly relinquish any dates when another TE member wishes the privilege.

Please also consider co-leading the shorter options.  Co-leaders need not be hot shot riders.  We need participation of riders across the spectrum of riding speeds and endurance.  Today I rode the new ride Keystone & Kerr starting at El Rancho and scheduled as the short option May 29.  It is fun, freer from traffic than the full ride that day, and after 18 miles and 1800′ ascent, you’ll be quite pleased, and you will have ridden roads and through neighborhoods you’ve likely missed in all your years here.  This is just an example, to show what we together should be doing to increase numbers of riders and to gain new members.

To facilitate inevitable need for leaders & co-leaders to accommodate conflicts as they occur, we have provided a method of contacting leaders and co-leaders with requests to swap dates.  Clicking on a leader or co-leader’s name will open an email to that individual.  In 2015 I was the go-between for swaps.  More efficient will be having leaders and co-leaders arrange themselves, but please email me so this webpage and the event calendar pages can be edited.

Thank you all for participating and helping keep the rides and the club strong.

Richard Handler,

Road Ride Coordinator

Ride Date Ride Title
Map link
Ride Leader
Ride Option
Map or Desc
Option Leader
Mar 6 (Sun) Chatfield – Arrowhead Ellen Wakeman Vic Johnson
Mar 9 (Wed) Morrison – Blunn Reservoir Richard Handler S on Easly at mile 23 Ann Wolf
Mar 13 (Sun) Morrison – Blunn Reservoir S on Easly at mile 23
Mar 16 (Wed) Morrison – Chatfield Richard Handler
Mar 20 (Sun) Surrey Ridge -The Pinery Richard Handler Map
Mar 23 (Wed) Rabbit Mt Richard Handler
Mar 27 (Sun) Morrison – Chatfield Lew Gaskell Russ Miears mi 15 return via C470 bike path
Mar 30 (Wed) Surrey Rdge – The Pinery Richard Handler Map
Apr 3 (Sun) Parfet Park – Superior Map
Apr 6 (Wed) Morrison – Kerr – Genesee
Apr 10 (Sun) Morrison – Lookout Dale Binke Cathy Pimm Map Mike Raber
Apr 13 (Wed) 4 Creeks Richard Handler
Apr 17 (Sun) Keystone Dr – Kerr Map
Apr 20 (Wed) High Grade – CV – G’zly
Apr 24 (Sun) Sedalia – Larkspur Richard Handler Map
Apr 27 (Wed) Morr’n – Kerr – Chief Hosa Gerry Newton Mike Raber
May 1 (Sun) High Grade – CV – G’zly Don Kipp Vic Johnson Pleasant Park O&B
May 4 (Wed) Reverse City View Mark Celusniak
May 8 (Sun) Lefthand C – St. Vrain Ward O&B
May 11 (Wed) Echo Lake from Bergen P Randie Polidori Mike Raber
May 15 (Sun) Echo L – Idaho S loop Map
May 18 (Wed) Indian Hills – Brook Forest Gerry Newton
May 22 (Sun) Bergen P – Saddleback Chris Yankoviak Map
May 25 (Wed) Lookout – Genesee Steve Kerschbaum Mike Fife
May 29 (Sun) Brook Forest from El Rancho Map
Jun 1 (Wed) Lefthand C – St. Vrain Richard Handler Ward O&B
Jun 5 (Sun) Copper Triangle Elizabeth Fairey Ben Woeste Map
Jun 8 (Wed) Echo L via Witter G Michael Porter Mike Raber
Jun 12 (Sun) Cental City Brian Meston Stacey Meston Turn back sooner
Jun 15 (Wed) Brainard Lake Richard Handler Cathy Pimm
Jun 19 (Sun) Mt. Evans from Bergen P Mark Celusniak Elizabeth Fairey O&B to Echo L
Jun 22 (Wed) Guanella from Idaho S Mike Raber Bob Taylor
Jun 26 (Sun) Reverse Loop from Hell David Nelson Ellen Nelson O&B to Echo L
Jun 29 (Wed) Loveland Pass from I.S. Mike Raber
Jul 3 (Sun) Guanella from Idaho S Chris Yankoviak Brenda Yankoviak Map
Jul 6 (Wed) Brook Forest Loop Richard Handler Ann Wolf
Jul 8 (Fri) Bergen Park short ride Sue Meinerz Dennis Driscoll Map
Jul 9 (Sat) Triple Bypass  xxxxxx
Jul 13 (Wed) Platte R – Deckers Richard Handler
Jul 17 (Sun) Super James Map
Jul 20 (Wed) Eldora Map
Jul 24 (Sun) Platte R – Deckers Richard Handler Map
Jul 27 (Wed) Soda Creek – Humphrey Map
Jul 31 (Sun) Buffalo Park loop Map
Aug 3 (Wed) Deckers – Woodland P Randie Polidori Richard Handler
Aug 6 (Sat) Davis Phinney Copper Triangle  xxxxxx
Aug 7 (Sun) Eldora Randie Polidori Vic Johnson Map
Aug 10 (Wed) Golden Gate Canyon + Mt. Base Map
Aug 14 (Sun) Sedalia – Larkspur Map
Aug 17 (Wed) Gap & Upper Coal Creek Richard Handler
Aug 21 (Sun) Brook Forest Loop Richard Handler Map
Aug 24 (Wed) Buffalo Park loop
Aug 28 (Sun) Reverse City View Map
Aug 31 (Wed) Guanella Over & Back Richard Handler Map
Sep 4 (Sun) Bakerville Rick Jones Cathy Jones Map
Sep 7 (Wed) Sedalia – Larkspur Richard Handler Map
Sep 11 (Sun) Lookout – Genesee Mark Celusniak Cathy Pimm Map
Sep 14 (Wed) Grapevine loop Richard Handler Map
Sep 18 (Sun) Bergen P – Morrison John sladek Celia Sladek Map
Sep 21 (Wed) Brainard Lake Richard Handler Map
Sep 25 (Sun) 4 Creeks Richard Handler Map
Sep 28 (Wed) Reverse City View Map
Oct 2 (Sun) Eldora Map
Oct 5 (Wed) Blunn Reservoir Mile 23 S on Easley
Oct 9 (Sun) Brook F – Stanley P Gabriela Ferrat Rene Ferrat Map
Oct 12 (Wed) Surrey R – Castle P Richard Handler Map
Oct 16 (Sun) Morrison-Chatfield Map
Oct 19 (Wed) High Grade – CV – G’zly O&B to Pleasant Park
Oct 23 (Sun) N. Pinery – Russelville Rd. Gordon Revey Richard Handler
Oct 26 (Wed) Morrison – Chatfield Map
Oct 30 (Sun) Evergreen loop – Oktoberfest Alan Kahn Map