Triple Bypass

Registration for 2018 guaranteed for TE Members

A Message from the President of Team Evergreen Cycling

Thank you for all of your support and participation in the rides and for attending Triplefest. It was a first for the Triple Bypass and your participation made it a great success under the circumstances. Cheers to everyone that made it out to Triplefest for the rides, food and beer on Saturday. We tried our best to do a complete 180 to still host a worthwhile event and we appreciate the participation of Robbie Ventura, Tom Danielson, Todd Gogulski, Danny Pate, Serghei Tvetcov and numerous other professional cyclists that dropped what they were doing to help lead our rides. We are blessed with such a strong cycling community.

The Triple Bypass was cancelled because of the fires in Summit County that began last Wednesday. The county had to pull all emergency resources that were contracted to lend support to our event and subsequently Summit, Clear Creek and the Colorado State Patrol canceled our permit for the ride.

We at Team Evergreen share your sadness and frustration with the cancellation of the 2017 Triple Bypass. TE is a not for profit organization and the expenses of the planning and preparation of the event are significant. Even though the ride could not occur, we still carry the expense for the food, infrastructure and material orders that were necessary to produce the Triple this year.

Triple riders will receive a discount on 2018 entry and free membership in Team Evergreen Cycling.  Hope to see you on July 7th, 2018.

Eric Ely
President, Team Evergreen


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