Nonprofit: Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder

Nonprofit: Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder

By Dave Cowan, Executive Director, Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder

Riding a bicycle can quite literally change a life. From that first freeing ride as a youngsterTripsForKidslogo to the miles (and smiles) we put on as adults, the bicycle has a magical and transformative effect. Have you ever wondered how (or if) your passion for the bicycle could have the same effect on someone else’s life? Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder aims to do just that.

Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder (TFKD/B) works to build healthy, confident kids by introducing diverse youth to the joy of bicycling. They work through a three-pronged program that maximizes their impact in the community:

1) The Lucky Bikes Re-cyclery takes used and donated bicycles/parts and refurbishes them for resale in the lower income community where they are located. All proceeds fund their core programming.

2) TFKD/B’s Ride Program works closely with social service agencies, schools, and after-school programs to build leadership skills and confidence by putting youth on bikes in areas where they have never ventured.

3) TFKD/B’s Earn-a-Bike Program enlists interested youth in an 8-week course where they choose one of the donated bicycles, strip down all the parts and components and then rebuild it. When complete, they not only keep the bicycle but they also keep the skills and confidence they have developed.

“At Trips for Kids, they encourage us to not give up and they don’t give up on us and we need people to not give up on us.” – Student Participant

“I have seen an amazing change in the youth, I’ve watched them grow and challenge themselves and look up to each other.” – Denver Family Crisis Center, staff

Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder has an amazing impact on the community both around the shop and along the Front Range, but in order to keep their programs running they need the support of bicycle enthusiasts such as the members of Team Evergreen. If you are interested, there are many ways that Team Evergreen can support Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder.

Things you can do right now to support Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder and change the life of a child:

Donate or raise money for Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder

Sign up to volunteer on a ride, or wrench on bikes.

□ Box up your old bikes, parts and donate them to the Lucky Bikes Re-cyclery

Follow us on Facebook to keep up with events and news.

If you are interested in supporting Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder in other ways, please contact Andrew Goodwillie,  Founder
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