2016 Bailey HUNDO & HUNDitO

2016 Bailey HUNDO & HUNDitO

The Bailey (HUNDO) 100 mile mountain bike race is a charity event that supports youth cycling initiatives, trail building and local organizations in Bailey Colorado. In their 6 year history they have donated over $150.000.00.

The HUNDO has three primary beneficiaries, Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder, The Colorado Mountain Bike Association (COMBA) and The Colorado High School Cycling League. Other beneficiaries include; Park County Sheriff’s Office, Park County Radio Club, Platte Canyon Chamber of Commerce, Boys and Girls Club of Bailey, Platte Canyon High School, The River Galley in Bailey, Shawnee Historical Society and Platte Canyon Fire District.

Trips for Kids Denver/Boulder offers underserved youth mountain biking opportunities as well as a youth development program at Lucky Bikes Re-Cyclery. The HUNDO also supports the Colorado High School Cycling League, a resource for high school student’s athletes around the state to be exposed to the world of cross country mountain bike racing. COMBA is another primary beneficiary of the HUNDO. COMBA’s work and trail building initiatives in the Buffalo Creek Trail system are in alignment with the mission of the HUNDO “More kids on bikes, more tails to Ride”

Starting from the heart of Bailey CO, the race features over 80 miles of singletrack as it winds from Bailey to the Colorado trail and through the Buffalo Creek Trail system. The new course rejoins the Colorado trail and allows access most of Buffalo Creek. From the heart of Buff Creek the course heads west to Wellington Lake and back towards Bailey to a beautiful private meadow finish line along the North Fork of the South Platte river.

The HUNDO was founded in 2010 by Noah Aptekar and State Senator Chris Romer, State Senator Greg Brophy, State Senate Minority Leader Mike Kopp, and State Senator Mark Scheffel, whom some still have connections to The Bailey HUNDO or actively participate. Advance Colorado Fund is the official non-profit entity and is a 501(c)3 filing.



Did you know people from the Denver Wheel club in the 1900’s road the train to Bailey to ride their bikes? In keeping with our tradition of collectible, historically related jerseys, we present the 2015 HUNDitO Men’s jersey.

“WELCOME TO CYCLE PARK” In 1898 Denver cycling pioneer and member of the Colorado Legislature Thirteenth General assembly, Harry E. Insley, purchased a tract of land located about half way between Bailey and Estabrook Colorado to p…romote cycling and the great outdoors . This new mountain retreat was appropriately named Cycle Park. Insley, now President of the Denver Wheel Club, began development of his dream resort and in a few years other destination resorts including the likes of GlenIsles, Bailey Lodge and the town of Shawnee followed. By 1900, Insley had relocated to Cycle Park to continue development of the area and a few years later Cycle Park was formally renamed to the town of Insmont.

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