Membership in Team Evergreen means you are part of the largest and most charitable bike club in Colorado.  We have given nearly $2 million to non-profits in the past 15 years and work hard for cyclist rights and access.

20150606_100818 (1024x576)Team Evergreen Members receive discounts on the things that we need most: the gear to get us there and the tools to help us train and recover. Check out the benefits page to see what 2016 has to offer.  New partners coming in 2017!

  • Member Only Events
  • Special Clinics and Training
  • Reduced price on Primal gear and the illustrious Team Evergreen 2017 kit
  • Early registration for the Triple Bypass
  • Weekly Rides – both Mountain and Road
  • Invitation to team trips to Kokopelli, Moab and beyond

REdrocks2A Team Evergreen membership provides one year of TE membership for an individual ($30) or a family ($40) (2 adults, one child)