DSC_0023Team Evergreen is dedicated to improving the roads and the trails that we ride on to make them accessible to all.  We are also dedicated to being good stewards of the sport of cycling.  We encourage all to be respectful and safe cyclists.

We cyclists continue to be viewed by many as an anti-social, badly behaving, sometimes arrogant, part of the community. Somewhat akin to bad driver behavior, bad cycling behavior would not be exhibited if we were on foot. While this is often blamed on a minority of our community, we must all accept responsibility for cyclists as a whole.

There are those amongst us who ride as though they are part of a Tour de France chase group, completely oblivious to other road and trail users and to the area through which they are passing.

Thus, in an effort to improve our image, I propose we all adopt the following for 2014:

1) For the safety of my fellow travelers and myself, I will wear at least one item of bright clothing while riding. From dusk to dawn and always in the winter months, I will carry lights to announce my presence.

2) I will never ride more than two abreast and only then when it is safe to do so.

3) I will obey all traffic signs and signals.

4) On the bikeway or road shoulder, I will acknowledge those I am passing either verbally or with a bell.rearview mirror

5) I will respect the area through which I am riding by not discarding litter of any kind.

6) I will respect the area through which I am riding by waiting for the next toilet facility.

7) I will respect quiet areas through which I am riding by not conversing loudly.

8) I will not threaten other road users by tailgating motorized vehicles or drafting behind riders I do not know.

9) When stopped, I will pull off the road or bikeway so as not to be a hindrance to others.

10) If involved in an altercation, I will act in a civil manner and report any incident to the police as soon as possible.

11) I will get involved in at least one bicycle advocacy project during the year.

12) I will actively encourage other cyclists to adopt these resolutions.


Some 2014 Advocacy Updates: