TE Jen BThe Team Evergreen Bicycle Club is based in Evergreen, Colorado at the crest of the foothills entering the majestic Rocky Mountains west of Denver. The club promotes cycling through their schedule of group rides and special events.

The club holds weekly road rides from March through October. Both road and mountain bike rides are popular and attract a variety of skill levels. Rides typically break apart into several groups based on ability, but depending on length gather at one or two predetermined spots to regroup. Everyone is welcome. Lunch at a nearby restaurant, while certainly not required, is a traditional follow-up to the rides.

The Triple Bypass is the club’s premier event. Over 120 miles and more than 10,000 feet of elevation gain over three major mountain passes make this an event only for the fittest cyclists. The ride began in 1988 with just a handful of Evergreen cyclists. This is one of the nation’s top single-day recreational cycling events, and raises funds for a number of beneficiaries.

The Bob Cook Memorial Mt. Evans Hill Climb, entering it’s 52nd year, is the largest road race in Colorado at 1200 participants and attracted professional and amateurs from around the world.

Why Team Evergreen Cycling?

Great people/Camaraderie

This one probably tops the list. Most cycling clubs put together organized group rides weekly or monthly for cyclists of various skill levels. It’s the perfect way to discover new routes, new riding buddies, improve your group-riding skills and connect with fellow cyclists in a social setting. You can also learn things from other cyclists like bike-repair tips, workout ideas and other secrets to improve your cycling. In addition to the in-the-saddle camaraderie, Team Evergreen has barbecues and picnics a few times a year as a way to socialize off the bike.

Discounts and financial benefits.

Perhaps cyclists are reluctant to admit this as their No.1 reason, but bicycle clubs often are a financial win and that can be a nice advantage.  Team Evergreen has relationships with personal trainers and coaches; bike shops and of course, breweries.  Another benefit is guaranteed entry to the Triple Bypass an event that sells out.

Staying connected with the cycling scene.

Being a part of a cycling club keeps you in touch with the area’s cycling scene. The club has monthly newsletters keeping members up to date on cycling-related developments, such as new bike lanes in the area, upcoming events, recent legislation of interest and new members to the club.  There is a weekly update on rides and events so you don’t miss a thing.


Team Evergreen also advocates for cycling-friendly legislation and other causes on its members’ behalf, something many cyclists are proud to be a part of.  In addition to playing the advocacy role, Team Evergreen is out there building and cleaning trails.



benefits of cycling with Team Evergreen

  • Make new friends with people who share your interests in cycling (and probably a lot more)
  • Learn the best bicycle routes on the Front Range
  • Enjoy the fun and safety of riding with a group
  • Lose weight, stay fit, and have an excuse to wear funny clothes
  • Support bicycling as a viable transportation alternative