Board of Directors

Kathy Giess


Director (First year)
Kathy Giess

In Real Life: Work for a “ fabulous” biotech company (Forbes top 10) and contribute what I can everyday to assist cancer patients on thriving, and obtaining any assistance they need through educational, clinical or reimbursement support. Good to be where I am and be
doing what I do – but somewhat burned out and ready to channel my energies into my passions these days. Life can be shorter than we would ever guess..

I attribute health and happiness to the
“Cycle for Sanity” Syndrome.

Favorite Bike: It would have to be.. “believe it or not” the “Trek” 950 Singletrack
not because it is state of the art by any means back in 1990, but these wheels got me to love the trails, free my soul, and get outdoors more often.

Next Favorite: My first road bike to replace trail running in 2004: Giant TCR and ended up loving century rides that same year!!! (the knee was shot then and knee preservation continues thanks to biking, good advice from my orthopedic MD )

Favorite Ride: Too numerous to count– so many great memories and endorphin highs I can’t pick just one !!

Why are you involved with Team Evergreen:  Excited to be a part of Team Evergreen because it is a true avenue to enjoy the passion for biking and share the spirit of the this sport with so many others, younger, older, new,  seasoned riders, any type of ride, or bike, is a great connection for so many and can be an integral contribution to community and giving back!! Connection is key in so many ways this sport brings a sense of belonging, community, and contributing to communities in many ways. The ideas are numerous and want to learn what we can do and make a difference with community, lives, and engaging peeps in to the world or cycling.

I strive to live passionately and this is a great way to contribute what I can to channel my energies here as opposed to the work world at this point in my life cycle.