The Bike Whisperer Speaks

The Bike Whisperer Speaks

Almost There.  Keep it Together.  March is Coming.

After getting pummeled by a foot of snow last week I’m sure we’re all getting a little anxious to ride again. However motivation is at an all-time low right now.  I’m with you so I’d like to offer you some of the stuff that’s helped me this winter.

·         Set goals.  Don’t just set mileage goals because those don’t offer much reward. The incentive is low. Set some event goals. Find some winter or very early spring rides or races to sign up for. Then SIGN UP FOR THEM. Specific dates and events will give you specific goals to shoot for.  The idea of doing poorly in them and wasting your money should increase your incentive to get out and ride

·         Visit bike shops. See bike shops have all this stuff that makes your bike riding awesome. So go visit some and see if there’s anything new that haven’t tried. Even just hanging out and seeing all the rad stuff and chatting about bikes with the shop folks is boost to the ole motivation meter.

·         Buy something new.  That one weird colored seat post collar you’ve always looked at. Just buy it. Spend more money on a saddle than you thought you would. I have it on good authority that buying bike stuff is a very good way to relieve anxiety brought on by bicycle deficiency.

·         Make plans with friends. Talk to your friends about rides and put a ride on the schedule. Then ride with as many friends as you can. Yeah, doing something you love with a bunch of people you like is a really great way to get you to do that more.

·         Make a routine.  The more frequently you do it, the more you’ll want to do it. You’ll get used to the cold and the dark. The water won’t bother you as much. You’ll feel the improved fitness benefits. You’ll get more comfortable with what you should wear for various conditions.  Start with a planned ride and add a one or two more and before you know it, you’re just riding. Then something magical happens. You wake up one day and it’s spring. It’s warm and sunny and you are trim and fit and ready make 2016 something amazing. 

Jason Gardner is lead whisperer at Jinji Cycles in Denver.  TE members get 10-15% and smiles and advice are always free.


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