Cyclocross – Why all the Fuss?

Cyclocross – Why all the Fuss?

If you’ve ever ridden cyclocross before, you understand why this form of cycling is so popular… because it’s fun! It was originally developed in Europe as a way to keep cyclists in shape during the offseason, but has caught on like wildfire in the US. Courses vary widely but usually include some paved or easy sections along with steep, and sometimes even muddy portions, as well as those with man-made obstacles or terrain that isn’t even ridable. That means you’re sometimes off and running with your bike. It also means your roughly one hour (or less) race or training ride is going to be a tremendous workout requiring a variety of physical demands, but also super interesting. The time will fly by and before long, you’ll likely get hooked along with the many other cyclists who’ve made it their main discipline. Races are plentiful throughout the fall and early winter, and tend to be more casual than road races with many racers just focused on a fun and challenging training ride.

So, assuming you now have some interest in this awesome, albeit somewhat dirty sport… literally, you need to know about two more important offers just for our membership!

pR_Logo_LargeFirst, take advantage of Team Evergreen’s co-sponsorship with the pedal Racing Team and Club to learn more about Cyclocross (aka “CX”). They offer a full slate of training rides and skills clinics on local CX courses. Simply join the pedal Club or Racing Team… no experience required!  Your fees for either are waived by simply clicking the “Team Evergreen” box you will see on their membership signup form, which is on the pedal Racing site – .

Secondly, take advantage of a special offer the pedal bike shop is offering to just Team Evergreen for 30% off all Cannondale 2016 cyclocross bikes. These bikes are so new Cannondale doesn’t even have them on their site yet. However, check out last year’s models here, then stop by the store to see this year’s catalog or to place your order – Location & Directions / 303.798.5033.

Offer Details:Prices are 30% off the MSRP provided on the Cannondale website for models over $2,000 only – 2015 catalog here. Bikes are sold in the box. Assembly is $85 if needed. Full fittings for club/team members are 1/2 price – $150 regular price, $75 for club/team members. Sale price assumes purchase with cash or debit card, or are subject to an additional 2.5% if purchasing with a credit card – Visa or MasterCard only. Any parts that need to be changed during the fitting will need to be purchased separately. A deposit of 20% is due at time of order, balance is due at pickup.

This deal is only for Team Evergreen members in good standing. Please have either your Team Evergreen Membership Card available, or print your Team Evergreen membership information from the Membership Dashboard, which can be accessed from the My Account page on the Team Evergreen website, membership area.


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