The High Five Theory – its beauty lies in its irresistibility and simplicity. It recognizes that when we are ‘on trail’ we are in our happy places, we’re pursuing our passions and taking respite from anything and everything that ails us. Other than spending time with my family there is no place I would prefer to be than on a mountain bike, I am sure that statement holds true for various hikers, trail runners, equestrians and bird watchers.

Increasing numbers of trail users mean we interact with more and more folks than ever before. Some time ago after moving to Denver (close access to trails was a huge reason we settled here) the realization that user density was higher than anyplace I had previously resided (Seattle, Portland, Tucson) encouraged me to adopt the High Five Theory. Its simple, if you can high five, do high five.

If you are passing at an acceptable speed or pull over for another user, give em a high five. Family with four kids out for a hike, that’s six high fives. Curmudgeon-y mountain biker/hiker/trail runner whose flow on the descent was spoiled by your climbing up the same trail, definitely high five. Pretty much all you need to do is smile and high five anyone you see on the trail, be nice, be impassioned.

The High Five Theory is founded on the principle of joy that we are all out there. I’m not going to lie, sometimes its challenging. Not only is the High Five Theory good for others, its beneficial for you and I, instead of flaming an internal rise in frustration, your high fiving generates a smile and quells your inner urge to get frustrated over something which is pretty inspiring, someone enjoying themselves and pursuing a passion.

It is absolutely no secret that Denver’s metro area is growing rapidly, folks are moving here for the life style, outdoor access and the fact that the Front Range offers inspiring mountains to play in. Let’s embrace the fact that we live among an active, motivated and passionate populace while working together to build an improved infrastructure that suits the needs and wants of all trail users.

High Fives All Around,

Chris Aguirre
General Manager Elevation Cycles Denver


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