Team Evergreen Supports Flood Recovery Trail Days

Team Evergreen Supports Flood Recovery Trail Days

By Paul Murphy, TEC Board Member

In response to the strong public interest in volunteering for flood recovery efforts, Jefferson County Open Space offered a number of additional volunteer trail days in late 2013, beyond the usual close- of-the-season for such events.

Team Evergreen Cycling had the opportunity to lend support to these events, by underwriting the lunches provided to the volunteers. The level of interest and attendance at these events has been robust, and demonstrates the pride and care the people of our community hold toward our open lands.

Food can be an important aspect of hosting a successful volunteer trail event. Oftentimes, the work can be as strenuous as one imagines, with a hike required to get to the work site and back as well.

These photos are from two of the four events for which Team Evergreen provided lunches. Participants worked up their appetites and enjoyed a moment of recognition as they indulge a request for a group photo.

Team Evergreen wishes to thank all the participants who attended any of the trail days in 2013, and also those who were unable to attend due to limited space and scheduling. There were over 600 responses to the JCOS announcement of these additional trail days, and while there wasn’t enough room to accommodate everyone, it certainly speaks well to the sense of stewardship common in our community.

Thank you, trail users and volunteers!

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