Jefferson County Commissioners – Public Comment

Jefferson County Commissioners – Public Comment

Jefferson County Planning & Zoning Department has proposed amendments to the Jefferson County Transportation Regulations to support the countywide goal of providing a coordinated system that integrates all modes of transportation. The proposed amendments recommend minor changes to the Roadway Design and Construction Manual to allow 4-foot bicycle lanes on new and existing Arterial & Collector streets in accordance with the Jefferson County Bike and Pedestrian plans. The proposed amendments will reduce conflicts between drivers and bicycle riders, offer travel choices and connections for non-motorized modes, and increase the overall roadway safety for all users while preserving roadway vehicular capacities.

Jefferson County Board of Commissioners will hear final Public Comment on this proposal at 7:55 a.m. Tuesday October 27th in the Commissioner’s Hearing Room on the ground floor of the Jefferson County Administration Building ( the Taj) located at 100 Jefferson County Pkwy., Golden, CO 80419.

Two of the Commissioners have stated they do not see a need for this change as it is viewed as a possible reduction of lane widths for motor vehicle lanes, and may impose additional costs on Developers.

Your appearance to make a statement of up to 3 minutes during the Public Comment portion of the meeting in support of passing these proposed amendments would be greatly appreciated. Bike Jeffco considers this Amendment to be a positive change toward safer vehicle travel for both bicyclists and motorists, and is in alignment with what is being done by most of the municipalities within Jefferson County already, as well as other Front Range cities.

Michael Raber
Bike Jeffco
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