Bike Jeffco – Getting it Done in 2015

Bike Jeffco – Getting it Done in 2015

2015 was arguably our most successful year ever due to the hard work of our members. While Bike Jeffco cannot always claim total credit for many projects, the untiring work of members to promote bicycle related projects in and around the County and to lobby for their acceptance should not be underestimated.

El Rancho – Genesee link under construction
After ten years of lobbying and taking key decision makers to visit the site, this much needed link is currently being constructed with a planned completion date in 2016. Thank you to CDOT, Jefferson County and Denver Mountain Parks for providing the $2M in funding. Watch for details of an official opening ceremony in the spring.

County Road Template approved
County staff proposed a revised template for new and rebuilt Collector and Arterial roads that incorporated four foot bike lanes. Despite initial opposition from some County Commissioners but supported by a strong email campaign from Bike Jeffco, Bicycle Colorado and Team Evergreen members, the template was approved. Special thanks to Commissioner Casey Tighe for championing the cause.

Deer Creek Rest Area implemented
The long awaited and much needed rest area at Phillipsburg in Deer Creek Canyon went live early in the year. Thank you to Jefferson County Open Space for allowing us to use their land. Special thanks to Wheat Ridge Cyclery and Team Evergreen for sponsoring the PortaPotty.

Wayfinding Signage grant awarded
As the number of bicycle facilities and bicyclists in the County increases, Bike Jeffco complained that there is no uniform wayfinding signage to help cyclists to get around. The City of Lakewood and the County responded by successfully applying for Federal funding to produce a plan as to how this might be achieved. The plan will be developed in 2016.

Peaks to Plains Trail started
Work started on the ambitious project to put a hard trail through Clear Creek Canyon between Golden and the Tributary at 244’(formerly known as Kermit’s ) Bar east of Idaho Springs. Though the initially funded section west of Mayhem Gulch in the upper canyon is short, Bike Jeffco is lobbying for funding to complete the trail down to Golden at a cost of $5M per mile. We have also proposed the construction of a link through Adams County from the Platte River to Denver International Airport. This would allow touring cyclists flying into DIA to ride a trail from the airport to Loveland Ski area.

New RTD Commuter Rail Bicycle Facilities planned
The new commuter rail lines from Denver Union Station to DIA (A line), Westminster(B line) and Arvada/Wheat Ridge (G line), which will open in 2016, will accommodate four bicycles per car and will have level access from the station platforms. Bike Jeffco has lobbied for secure bicycle storage at station along the B and G lines. RTD will provide both bike racks and bike lockers.
Bike Jeffco has studied and produced a report of the state of bicycle connectivity, with suggested improements, to stations along the G line in Jefferson County to present to local transportation officials in 2016.

RTD West Line Bikeway Extensions
Bike Jeffco brought to the notice of the City of Lakewood some of the dangers of the current bikeway running alongside the W line light rail. Lakewood has since agreed to extend the bikeway from Kipling Street to the Oak Street station, thereby avoiding a particularly dangerous maneuver at Kipling Street.
Bike Jeffco has long lobbied for an extension of the bikeway from the Oak Street station to the Jeffco Government Center at the end of the line. The County responded by successfully applying for Federal funding for a bikeway along the section along Colfax Ave and US6 between Moss Street and the Government Center. We continue to lobby for a link from Oak St. to Moss St.
We continue to advocate for better signage along the bikeway.

McIntyre St./32nd Avenue
The County is currently improving McIntyre St. and plans to install bicycle shoulders between 32nd Ave. and 64th St.
We continue to lobby for safety improvements to 32nd Ave east of downtown Golden. The County plans to do some initial design work but currently has no funding source to implement improvements.

• Bike Jeffco supported the Denver Century Ride in June at the Broomfield rest stop.
• Bike Jeffco participated in the October VeloSwap to educate attendees about the work it is doing.
• The redesigned intersection of Wadsworth Blvd and Waterton Road will have a light protected crossing for cyclists.
• The redesign of Chatfield Ave. between Pierce St. and Kendall Blvd will include extended bicycle shoulders.
• At the behest of Bike Jeffco, a bicycle route along quiet roads between the C-470 bikeway and S.W Plaza shopping mall was signed, avoiding the necessity to ride on the major arterial of Bowles Ave.
• At the behest of Bike Jeffco, the Rooney Road/Alameda Parkway intersection below Dinosaur Ridge has been restriped to improve bicyclist safety.
• When permanent repairs are made to the flood ravaged section of Coal Creek Canyon Road (SH72) between the railroad trestle bridge and Crescent City in 2016, a climbing shoulder will be incorporated.
• CDOT has added partial shoulders to SH 103 between Idaho Springs and Echo Lake where the land allows.
2016 Plans 
• Organize party for opening of El Rancho – Genesee link.
• Provide additional rest area facilities on heavily ridden foothill routes.
• Work with Lakewood and Jefferson County on wayfinding signage.
• Lobby for expediting completion of Peaks to Plains/DIA trail.
• Lobby for completion of W line bikeway.
• Lobby for addition of shoulders to 100th Ave. in Westminster.
• Lobby for funding for safety improvements to 32nd Ave.
• Lobby for funding of shoulders on W. Belleview Ave.
• Persuade CDOT to convert social trail links between C-470 bikeway and Wadsworth Blvd. into hard trail.
• Lobby for improvements to 26th Ave. bike/ped bridge crossing of I-70.
• Educate local transportation officials on latest design standards for bicycle facilities in urban areas.

Meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of the Month at the Jefferson County admin building or contact Dave Evans, Chair, to get involved.

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