Apex Park Partially Reopens

Apex Park Partially Reopens

By Paul Murphy, TE Board Member
Apex Trail RepairJeffco Open Space reopened the northeastern part of Apex Park on March 14th, with Grubstake and Bonanza trails on the northernmost portion of the park being accessible via Argos and the upper portion of Pick-N-Sledge. The lower portion of Pick-N-Sledge remains closed, as does the rest of the park. Improvements to the trailhead facilities, including the new restrooms, are underway.

This is the first of three phases of reopening for Apex Park. The second phase will reopen Hardscrabble, Sluice Box, and the upper portion of Apex Trail on June 30th. The third phase, on September 30th, will reopen Poco Calle, Enchanted Forest, and the balance of Apex Trail from the intersection with Hard Scrabble down to the eastern entrance of the park.

During phases 1 and 2, all trails will be multi-use and without restrictions on direction of travel. Upon completion of phase 3, Apex Park will return to westerly travel only for cyclists on odd numbered days for the lower portion of Apex Trail and Enchanted Forest.

Apex ConstructionIt should be noted that a major re-route of Pick-N-Sledge will be occurring during all three phases, and park visitors should be aware that closures due to construction activity can be expected. The re-route of Pick-N-Sledge will be substantial, involving the construction of over one mile of trail to replace much of the existing alignment, culminating in an additional 500 feet of trail.

If you are interested in volunteering for one of the upcoming trail days at Apex Park, you may indicate your interest in participation by signing up for notices via this page on the Jeffco Open Space web site  or keep your eye on the Jeffco Open Space EventBrite page.

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