John Sladek / Vice President

Vice President / Parliamentarian John Sladek 303.670.9657 In Real Life: Professor Emeritus of Neurology, Pediatrics and Neuroscience. University of Colorado School of Medicine Favorite Bike: Do I really have to pick? I Love my Colnago Team Eurpocar,, but my Colnago KOM, which is older, actually climbs a little easier. But then the Team Jelly Belly...

J. Kelly Garrod / Treasurer

Treasurer / Advocacy J. Kelly Garrod 303-349-3715 In Real Life:  Automation Practice Leader, Golder Associates Favorite Bike: Trek Madone 6.5 (my road bike is wonderful!) Favorite Ride: Lots of favorite rides. Living near Squaw Pass, I ride it regularly and continue to enjoy the ride Why are you involved with Team Evergreen: Started with interest in...